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  At Mazette

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It's a party!

Mazette, your creative partner for events.

Come celebrate your birthday, your friend's bachelorette party, and much more at Mazette

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Creative Workshop

     Led by an advisor

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Gather with your friends for a moment of sharing and conviviality.

Choose a workshop and let yourself be guided in creating a unique object.

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bachelorette party

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Themed Workshop

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Customize your t-shirts, trainers, and bags with textile paint, embroidery, or heat transfer. Engrave your champagne glass or prepare your entire kit for a successful bachelorette party!

We design the workshops according to your desires and the personality of the bride-to-be.

Baby Shower

Themed Workshop

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Together, create a unique object for the future mother: a mobile, embroidered swaddles, a rattle, a rainbow macramé decoration, and much more!


We design the workshops according to your desires and the personality of the mother-to-be.

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01 40 39 93 81

7 rue d'Alexandrie
75002 Paris

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