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Who are we?

Behind Mazette, a few pairs of hands are hiding...

Our advisors are always there to accompany you in your creative moments with good cheer and kindness!


Founder of Mazette

To understand how the idea was born, we have to go back 3 years ago! It's December, and the race for Christmas gifts has begun.

I decided that this time, mine would be handmade! I set up in my living room and quickly realised that I was missing many tools and machines.

But no worries, I knew I would find another way.

A few hours later, my living room was invaded by fabrics, my walls were covered in paint, and even my cat got involved. After spending 30 minutes searching on the internet for why my thread bobbin was jamming, I started to believe that one must go through trials to create!

And it was at that moment that the idea of Mazette came to me: the paradise of creativity! A place where I could find all the materials I needed, receive advice, experience good cheer, and, most importantly, have the freedom to spread out everywhere!
It's decided. One day, I will make it happen!

Vanaly conseillère Mazette


Conseillère Artistique

Notre benjamine de 19 ans, a rejoint l’aventure Mazette pour son ouverture après des études en architecture d’intérieur.

Vanaly maîtrise les arts graphiques ainsi que le macramé, le crochet et le tricot.

Fervente représentante de la genZ, c’est elle qui se cache derrière les réseaux sociaux.

Mascotte de Mazette, vous pourrez la retrouver sur Tiktok !


Ses activités préférées : la peinture et le crochet !

Emma conseillère Mazette


Artistic Advisor

Emma, 26 years old, is a true art enthusiast.

After studying art and specialising in embroidery, with a project exhibited at the museum of Decorative Art in Berlin, it was only natural for her to join Mazette from its opening.

She is our Swiss army knife, skilled in sewing, calligraphy, embroidery and watercolour.

Always on the lookout of the latest trends, she is the one who imagines and designs Mazette’s workshops.

Noémie conseillère Mazette


Conseillère Artistique

Petite sœur de Juliette de 2 ans sa cadette, elle a rejoint l’équipe avant son ouverture et est depuis ce jour en charge de la logistique, de la supply chain et de l’accueil de Mazette.

C’est elle, la petite fée qui recherche toutes les pépites pour la boutique et qui permet d’avoir un lieu toujours fonctionnel et convivial !

Ses activités préférées : la pyrogravure et la résine.

Buron Juliette fondatrice Mazette
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 By the way

Fichier 164.png
Fichier 164.png

Why mazette?

/mæˈzeɪt/, noun and interjection
Exclamation of astonishment, admiration.

"Mazette" originally referred to a person who is not very skillful with their hands. Ironically, considering the fate this word has had! At some point, the French language transformed it into an expression of admiration.

"Mazette, I did it myself!”

Today, you will use this same expression when leaving our creative laboratory after creating a tidy, sewing a dress, painting a work of art…

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01 40 39 93 81

7 rue d'Alexandrie
75002 Paris

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